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The first step to a life of significance is self-awareness. A notable approach to a meaningful life is self-awareness. You can hardly go far in life until you are aware of yourself. You can hardly make any meaningful impact in life until you are aware of yourself. You can hardly stand out in life until you are aware of yourself. Men who affected their generation were men who were  aware of who they are. Men who were celebrated globally were men who were aware of themselves. It is impossible to discover yourself or know your worth until you are aware of yourself. Self-awareness precedes self-discovery and self-discovery precedes self-worth. The moment you are aware of yourself, self-discovery comes into play then followed by self-worth. You cannot know your worth until you have discovered yourself and you cannot discover yourself until you are aware of yourself. Self-awareness and self-discovery is what determines your self-worth. Any man that must stand out in life must be aware of himself, discover himself and know his worth.

Self-awareness is a holistic comprehension and understanding of who you are. It is an in-depth understanding of your person and personality. It is being accustomed to what makes you you. It is the undeniable knowledge of yourself.

Self-discovery is coming to the understanding of what you are capable of. It is knowing what you can do. It is a bold step toward uncovering the covered real you. It is unraveling your constituent and make up. It is having a first-hand knowledge of why you are on earth.

Self-worth is who you are couple with what you do. It is a product of self-awareness and self-discovery. It is a sum total of how you carry yourself. It is who you call yourself. It is that image and impression you create about yourself.

If one must be fulfilled in life, he or she needs a comprehensive understanding of self, what you are capable of and a step further on having a good image and a good impression about oneself. How you see yourself determines so much about you. How you see yourself determines how others would see you. How you see yourself determines your fulfillment in life.

The knowledge of yourself prevents you from doing everything. The knowledge of yourself defines you. The knowledge of yourself streamlines you. The knowledge of yourself determines your approach.

The human make up

Human is made up of two component:

  • The inner make up
  • The outward make up

The Inner make up: this is the sum total of who your mind tells you that you are. It is your witness of you on the inside. It is a totality of what your inner man tells you that you are capable of.

The Outward make up: this is the revelation of you on the outside. It is an outward display of the inner man. It is a manifestation of what has been built on the inside.

No man is greater than his  make-up. No man is better than his make-up. Both make-up (inner and outward) works in synchrony. In other word, your inner make-up is what is reflected outwardly. Who you are on the inside is manifested on the outside. Your inner make-up forms it while your outward make-up showcases it. The reflection the inner make-up absorbs is what is been reflected on the outward make-up.

Who we are comprise of two things;

  1. How others see you
  2. How you see yourself

How others see you: as long as you have people around you, they will always have their perception about you. However, their perception about you is insignificant compare to your perception of yourself. Always remember people will always judge, access and form opinions about you based on their own standard. In all this, don’t let people opinion and perception about you become reality.

How you see yourself: this is the best truth that you can tell yourself. You know yourself better than any man knows you. you understand yourself better than any man understand you. You are the only one that can tell yourself the whole truth about you. Only you can be real to yourself. The worse deceit is for a man to deceive himself/herself. The worst life to live is not telling yourself the truth.

If you are going to become the best of yourself, how others see you is insignificant compared to how you see yourself. If you are going to get the best of yourself, people’s opinion and perception of you is insignificant.

See the best of yourself

When you look at the mirror, who do you see? It is yourself of course! One unique feature of the mirror is that it doesn’t tell lies. It gives back to you what you give to it. Whenever anyone looks at the mirror, it reflects back what is standing before it. The mirror gives a good reflection of whoever is in front of it. It shows who you are. It reflect the complete make up of who is in front of it. What you present before the mirror is what it presents back to you. Who the mirror tells you that you are is truly who you are. Who you see in the mirror is who you are. In other word as the mirror gives irrefutable image of ourselves, we ought to also have good image of ourselves that will be reflected outwardly. We ought to see the best of us so that it will also be reflected outwardly.

As we progress through life, it is what we see in ourselves that others tends to see in us. It is the image you have about yourself that others tends to have about us. You can’t be better than how you see yourself. Why you look the way you look is because of your inner perception about yourself. How people treats you is because of how you  treat yourself. Everything about you is as a result of your self-perception. It is only what is within that can be reflected outside.

Start having a good perception about yourself and watch how things will unfold and change for you. Start seeing yourself today from a positive note and watch things turn around for you.

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