possibility“You are not defeated because you fall, you are only defeated when you fall and fail to rise”.

One of the interesting thing about the game of football is the game time. The total duration of the game time is divided into two halves i.e. the first half and the second half. Each of the halves is being allotted forty five (45) minutes each. The beauty of this division is to allow for adjustment where necessary. Both team takes time to relax, reassess all that transpired in the first half, plan on correcting the observable mistake, re-strategize appropriately, arouse extra motivation, change tactics or formation if need be and put things in perspectives so as to emerge victorious at the end of the game. None of the team is expected to give up or lose hope after the first half even if they are losing. They are usually optimistic that they can bounce back and make a difference. They have the confidence that they can turn the game around. They believe that if the first half wasn’t favorable, second half can be. They are highly optimistic and have come to the resolution that it is not over yet until it is over. They have concluded that until the final whistle is blown, anything is possible.

On similar note, every year starts on a glorious and brighter note. Just as no football team approaches any game with the mind of losing or conceding defeat but to be the champion, same is applicable to everyone who was privileged to enter into a new year. At the start of the year, everyone was brimming with hope, everyone was basking with aspirations, everyone was undoubtedly expectant. Everyone was optimistic and anticipated the best of the best. No one had the mind or planned to lose out. No one had the plan to fail. No one had the plan to concede defeated. As we watched, the first six months of the year which can be termed the first half of the year come and gone and we have successfully began the second six month which can be termed the second half of the year. Are we still highly spirited as we were when the year began?

Honestly Access Yourself

Now that the first half of the year has gone, if we are to honestly access and reassess our lives based on our formations, tactics, motivations and plans when the year initially began, Can we really say that we are winning or losing? Can we say that we have been outstanding? Can we still say that we are inspired and motivated? Can we confidently affirm that the zeal is still there? Can we say that we understood our role well? Can we declare boldly that our tactics is still intact?. Can we ascertain that the formation is still okay? Can we boast that we’ve put in our best. Can we really say that we’ve played to instruction. Can we also admit that they is need for adjustments, can we say that there is need to re-strategize. Can we sincerely admit that there is need to make some corrections. Can we also admit that there is need to change tactics or formation. Can we still say that we haven’t sustained injury? Can we say that they is need to change the game plan?

It is still possible

Irrespective of how the first six month of the year was, it is insignificant because we still have the second half of the year at our disposal to make the necessary readjustment and amendments. To some it may have been disappointing. To some it didn’t go as planned. Some may be worried that it didn’t give them their expected desires. Some may have concluded that it wasn’t favorable. Other may have come to the conclusion that it wasn’t worth it. Some may have been captivated and limited by the previous errors and mistakes they found themselves. However it may appear, the truth remains that it is not yet over until it is over. The second half of the year is around the corner and loaded with motivations, drives and passions and has also come with opportunities to right every wrong and begin again more brightly. It came with an opportunity to advance and come out better.

May I say to you that It is too early to give up because the game hasn’t finished. It will be wrong to call it quit when the final whistle hasn’t been blown. It will be unfair to exit when the final result hasn’t been declared. It will be wrong to concede defeat when the game time hasn’t elapsed.

Determination makes a difference

How many times you fall isn’t relevant at all. Who fouled you is inconsequential. Who offended you or didn’t give you chance isn’t needed right now. How many times you couldn’t hit the net isn’t necessary. How many times you couldn’t utilize clear chance is inconsequential. The opportunities that you couldn’t convert is irrelevant. Who mocked and ridiculed you is insignificant. What matters right now is that you can still make necessary changes and alter the game in your favour. What is important now is that you can begin from now and have a glorious ending. You can start from now and emerge victorious. All that is need is determination because it makes the difference. The resolve that the second half mustn’t end the way the first half ended is what will stand you out. January to June being the first half of the year may not have given you what you earnestly desired or it may not have gone as planned. You don’t need to sit and sulk or engage in blame games. The second half being July to December is here and it is capable of delivering to your hands what the first half of the year couldn’t deliver to you. It can bring the result that the first half of the year couldn’t bring to you but of great concern is how determined are you to make that happen?

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