UNITYA research was conducted some years back on a clustered dried charcoal that was to be set on fire. The researcher took some bunch of the charcoal and set them on fire and observed for some minutes. After about an hour, all the black charcoals were red hot. As long as the charcoals were clustered together, they were burning and still remained red hot. The researcher took a step further by isolating one  of the red hot charcoal. He was surprised with his discovery. The red hot isolated charcoal soon quenched down without any trace of light on it. This became a serious concern to the researcher. From their observation, they were able to discover and conclude that as long as the charcoals were together, they burnt fiercely because each sets the other red hot and burning. Thereby preventing them from going off. However, the isolated one went off so soon because it was standing alone and there wasn’t any to set it on fire. Only in harnessing the strength and power in unity is the difference made. There is strength in unity!. There is power in togetherness!.

The great lesson

Again, a story was told many years back about a man who called his five children together and gave each of them a bunch of broom and instructed them to break it. Every one of them tried breaking the bunch of broom but to no avail. The man then brought a stick of broom from the bunch and gave it to each of them to break. With ease and without hesitation, the stick of broom was broken by each one of them. At the end of the exercise, the man pointed out the lesson embedded in the task undertaken by the children. He told them that if they can be united or always come together as the bunch of broom, it will be very difficult for anyone to conquer or defeat them but if they operate individually, conquering them will be easy. He further made them to understand that they will end up as victims when they fail to uphold and utilize the strength embedded in unity. He made them to understood that anything that can bring disunity can scatter them. Anything that can scatter them can divide them. Anything that can divide them can classify them and anything that can classify them can ruin them. Conclusively, In order for them to sail smoothly through life, unity must be their watchword. This became a notable lesson which guided the lives of the man’s children all through their life.

Result is attained in Unity

One of the living organism that naturally understands the concept of unity is the ant. Without any leadership, no one organizing them, no one instructing them and no one directing them, they are known to comport themselves in an orderly manner. They are known to live in colony. They also operate in group. They trail one another. They are known to work unanimously. They function and do things together and in harmony. When they are carrying out a task, it is always done with ease. As a result of this engagement, they tends to achieve tremendous result. This understanding enables them to work together and collectively in storing their food during the dry season  and then goes back to rest during the rainy season. Unity is the bond of perfection. It ensure timely and successful accomplishment of task. Unimaginable feat is accomplished when unity is enthroned.

The pain of disunity

Unity does not only cut across workers, sibling, husband, wife, families and nation but also within groups, association and organizations. The opposite of unity is division, discord or disarray. They all encompass a state of total disorder, chaos or confusion. Nothing worthwhile is achieved in disunity. No meaningful progress is made when there is division. Productivity diminishes when unity is found lacking. Attainment are limited when there is disunity. Desired results are frustrated when there is disunity. The problem that has lingered in our world is because the power of unity has not been understood or it has been neglected. The quarrelling, fighting and altercation been experienced from all quarters is because they is no unity. The division and discord around is only to distract and derail you so that the enemy can successfully plan and execute their selfish ambition.

The benefit of unity

We are only strong to the extend at which we are united and weak at the extent to which we are divided. Power of unity is strength and strength of unity is power. We must be united in heart and mind in love in order to achieve one world in togetherness. Unity doesn’t mean that there is no diversity. There might be diversity in color, culture and religion but there should be more that binds us than separates us. It only implies that the diversity has been harnessed and put to good use. There is hardly anything that can’t be achieved in unity. Mountains can be moved when there is unity. Obstacle can be pull down when there is unity. Impediment can be leveled when there is unity. Unity has tremendous benefit anywhere that it is upheld and rightly put to use. But quite unfortunately this has been neglected in some quarters. This inability to tap the benefit of unity has brought chaos amongst individuals, organizations and nations. Why there are wars within nations today is because they have not been able to harness the benefit embedded in unity. Civil wars are prevalent today within countries because they lack the understanding of the importance of unity. This is also applicable to individuals and organizations. All these unfortunate happening could be avoided only if the benefit of unity could be understood.

The benefit of unity includes but not limited to

Unity enhances understanding

Unity brings cooperation

Unity gives strength

Unity energizes

Unity brings about progress.

Unity improves productivity

Unity enhances organization

With unity, you can move mountains

More achievements are made when there is unity

Embrace the power and strength in unity and watch situations turn around.

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