I won’t know how many dreams, visions, ideas and aspirations that you had earlier in the year. I won’t also know how well you achieved them or went close to achieving them. Peradventure, you never had the desired result or it didn’t go as expected. Don’t relent. As we approach a new year, I would like you to ponder over this, because every step you take is getting nearer to your aspirations and dreams. That persistence and perseverance is never a waste, keep to it.

The popular social media ‘Facebook’ founded by Mark Zuckerberg and launched on February 4th  2004 didn’t start making profit until later on in the year. What if Mark Zuckerberg had quit like many do with their businesses or dreams after maybe few months or between 1 – 2 year of commencement with unmet expectations. Probably, we all won’t be doing what we are respectively using our Facebook accounts for.

The electric light bulb which has brought lightening became the 1000th invention of Thomas Edison. What if Thomas Edison had given up on his idea of developing the electric light bulb when he tried many times without success?

The first airplane flight which revolutionized means of transportation across continents and nations of the world was developed by the Wright Brothers named Orville and Wilbur Wright on December 17, 1903. What if the Wright brothers had given up on their idea of flying in the air when they were told that it was impossible coupled with series of challenges being confronted with?

The discovery that bacteria multiples and causes diseases when they get into living things coupled with the fact that the diseases could be cured by stopping the spread of bacteria was made possible by Louis Pasteur. What if Louis Pasteur had given up on his work on the germ theory of disease that led to antibiotics and other medicines that kill bacteria?.

The discovery of two continent sometimes termed the discovery of a new world was made possible during the voyages of Christopher Columbus. What if Christopher Columbus had given up on his voyages when he suffered notable wreckages before he succeeded in discovering the continents?

Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) was founded by Colonel Sanders at an old age of 65 after series of failure, discouragement, disappointment and rejection especially of his recipe. His doggedness later paid off due to his persistence and perseverance making him to find Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC). KFC has over 145 outlets. What if Sanders had given up on his idea, vision and dream in those challenging and unfriendly years?

Helen Keller was a remarkable person who lived from 1880 to 1968. Because of an illness, she became blind and deaf when she was a little girl. With the help of her teacher, Anne Sullivan, she learned to read and write. What if Helen Keller had given up on herself due to her illness that led into blindness and deafness?

Nicholas James Vujicic also known as Nick Vujicic who was deformed from birth was highly remarkable for his ability to convert his deformity into phenomenal ability. What if Nick Vujicic had given up on life and on himself due to his severe deformity and disability?

Franklin Delano Roosevelt who was the only American president elected four times was crippled by polio. But Roosevelt however refused to let the disease get in the way of his public career. He went on to serve as American President for more than 12 years, longer than any other person in the history of America. What if Franklin Delano Roosevelt had given up on his ambition of becoming American’s President and public career when he was paralyzed and confined to wheel chair in 1921?

Lionel Messi who is renowned as the Greatest Footballer of all time was diagnosed of growth hormone deficiency in his teenage years which almost ended his soccer career due to his father’s inability to foot the bill for his treatment. What if Lionel Messi had given up on himself and his football career amidst the challenges?


Sometimes, we never know how closer and nearer we are to our aspirations, vision and dreams before giving up on them.

Never relent/keep pushing

The universe is filled with people who starts up a things or task but only a few of people who persist and persevere. The world is not in lack of people who can commence but people who can continue without giving up. Many dreams and visions dies not because of the will to start up but because the will and desire to continue irrespective of the seeming challenges. When you start up a task or something worthwhile that you believe in and it seems not to be yielding the desired result or rather seems to be plagued with challenges, One is tempted to give up but should you?

Give it time

One thing that keeps its promise always is TIME. One thing that never fails nor disappoints is TIME. It is divine! The difference between a ripe fruit and an unripe fruit is TIME. Does it look like it is not working, give it time! Does it look like it is not giving the desired result, give it time! Does it look like it is not yet successful, give it time! Time is what makes a major difference in life. Time is what makes the difference between who goes far and who goes farther. Time is what makes the difference between who goes up and who comes down.

Even if people are looking strangely at you or as one wasting his time, persist! Even if people are mocking you, Persist! Even if people are calling you names, Persist! Even if people doesn’t believe in you, Persist! let there be an unusual surge in you that will arouse the desire to achieve more. Let there be an usual surge in you never to relent. It is your sole responsible to give life to your dream and visions. It is your sole responsibility to make your visions and dreams a reality.  It’s your sole responsibility to become all that you have been created to be! No one will ever love your dreams and visions better than you. When you stay true to what you start and stay till finish, every difficulty will eventually waiver! It is only the result gotten from persistence and perseverance that terminates insult. Calling it quit or giving up validates insults, mockery and innuendoes. Be courageous. Do not quit. carry on, stick to it, press on. No matter what persistence and perseverance pays. Do enjoy the best of the season.

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